Shooting Criminals Should Be The Style of Police: CM Sarma

The Chief Minister of Assam on a special meeting with the police officials of the state held at the Srimanta Sankardev Kalakshretra said that shooting criminals should be ‘style’ of police.

The Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma discussed some important aspects of police responsibilities in Assam at the meeting held on Monday in Kalakshretra.

The aim of the meeting was to improvise the service of the state police department for the welfare of Assam.

CM Sarma also reviewed all the necessary facilities of Police Station that has been provided to the Police department for the smooth functioning.

This is the first time in history that a meeting as such has taken place in Assam between the Chief Minister and Police Department.

119 Inspectors and 197 Sub-Inspectors have attended the meeting with the CM today.

This special meeting has been organized by the CM himself to make Assam a crime free state.

“The OC is responsible for all the complaints filed at the police stations. The relationship between the OC and lower ranked police must be good,” said CM Sarma.

He also said that all OCs will be replaced every two years on the basis of their expertise. Corruption means compromise from the OC’s end.

He further added, “Shooting criminals should be the style of police as there is permission to shoot criminals in the legs. Thieves must run away hearing the name of OCs.”

The CM also ordered the police department to take report of those with a suspicion on passport verification as soon as possible.

Further, three motor vehicles will be delivered to the police stations within three months. The government will also be giving funds for the requirement of source in police stations.

An amount of Rs. 2.5 lakh will be given to the police stations annually for the expenses involved during daily work along with three computers.

The Chief Minister also stated that quarters will be constructed for the OCs and SI to live in.

Professional PP will also be given so that criminals do not get immediate bails, said CM Sarma.

Every constable must undergo medical check-ups every 15 days for which government will provide necessary funding, said the CM.

Every police official is further asked to share the workload accordingly so no one’s health is compromised.

Further, the CM also said that there is no point of talking about transfers to him or the DGP.

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