SI Exam Scam: Know How the Question Paper Leakage Takes Place

The recent SI recruitment exam scam of Assam Police has created an uproar in the state and in a recent development, the CID in its investigation has exposed how the question paper has been leaked by Kumar Sanjit Krishna, the Karimganj SP who has been transferred as SP of Barpeta FRRO on Sunday immediately after he was summoned by CID.

According to reports, the question paper was leaked on September 18 by opening the trunk of Kumar Sanjit Krishna. Krishna took out a question paper from his trunk and handed over to Rubul Hazarika, one of the partners of Akshay Telecommunication. Hazarika took a photo of the question paper and forwarded to the broker through WhatsApp.

The entire team of PK Dutta, Diban Deka and the brokers conducted the examination on September 19 with the question paper leaked by Sanjit Krishna before the actual date commencement of the exam on September 20. The entire process of question paper leakage was preplanned and the outcome has been given by Rubul Hazarika, former DIG PK Dutta, Pranjal Baruah, Saroj Sarma.

Meanwhile, the CID had summoned Kumar Sanjit Krishna and is currently under interrogation. Additional SP Prasanta Kumar Dutta has also been interrogated by CID and the arrests of both the SP and ASP has almost become final. The CID has continued its interrogation in a secret place in Guwahati.

Moreover, a team of CID which moved to Karimganj on Tuesday for further investigation regarding the question paper leakage has concluded its investigation on Wednesday. The team left for Guwahati after two persons have been cross-examined regarding the paper leakage process. The team also interrogated five police constables in Karimganj to bring out further clue.     

During the course of investigation, the information which has been exposed by CID has shaken the entire police administration. According to CID’s investigation, the trunk of question paper has been distributed from Guwahati to other districts including Karimganj on September 18 from the strong room of 10th APBN at Kahiliapara. A team of four constables went to Karimganj to take the question papers and it was distributed to Barak valley on September 18 itself due to the long distance district. The trunk was further taken to SP Sanjit Krishna’s quarter in the presence of Rubul Hazarika inspite of taking the trunk to the office of the Superintendent of Police or Karimganj police station.

Notably, after taking the trunk to Sanjit Krishna’s quarter, one question paper was handed over to Rubul Hazarika which he forwarded to the broker through WhatsApp.

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