Siang fury: Several districts on high alert

The water level of the Siang River is rising at an alarming rate creating a situation of panic in the Indo-China border areas. Terrified people living on the banks of the Siang River in Tuting are moving towards a safer place.

It may be noted that more than 750 families have fled from their homes to a safer place. Meanwhile, a village has been completely vacated, although there had been no earlier instance of flood in that village but devastating turn of events has compelled villagers to take this precautionary measure.

Siang waters have submerged the Jampani area of Pasighat. Reportedly, Centre has sent an important notice to Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA). The water of Brahmaputra River has been flowing at danger level in Dibrugarh. After notice from the centre, Dibrugarh authorities has called for an emergency meeting.

Post the meeting, Dibrugarh DC has cancelled all leaves and has asked all officials to remain present at district headquarters.

Sivasagar district administration has also taken precautionary measures. Along with asking every department of the district to remain alert, the administration has also issued a warning cautioning people to restrain from fishing in Brahmaputra and to not use boats for a while.

However, instead of alerting district administration, Minister of Water Resources Keshab Mahanta has stated that Siang waters will cause no harm to the state and that the water level of the River is below danger level.

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