Siang scare blows over, rivers steady


The Siang scare seems to have blown over as no major incidents of flooding, devastation or rescue have been reported in any parts of Siang as well as in the down stream of Passighat.

The CWC office has confirmed that water level of the River Brahmaputra have remained steady and it is below the danger level.

The scientist who have monitored the development confirmed that worst is over.  Abunaser Mohammaad, head of Reliance Power (NE) confirmed that the Siang river has 12000 Cusecm capacity while as per the Chinese released data, the water was flowing at 9000 Cusem and that was why there was no major destruction happed despite witnessing tremendous waves and high flow of water.

Earlier Assam was passing through deep anxiety fearing catastrophic flood. The authorities has however maintained the readiness to meet any eventuality but everybody agrees that danger was over.

This development has taken place due to unusual rain in the Tibetan Plateau which is not known for rain. The Scientists have described it as due to climatic change, which means there would be more such occurrences in the future.

This was the highest discharge of water in the past 50 years in Tsangpo, called Siang once it enters India, and joins with two other rivers downstream to form the Brahmaputra. it contributes 30% of the river Brahmaputra.


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