Siang swells, likely to trigger floods in Assam


A major natural disaster is looming large as Dam released water of river Siang (Tsangpo) from China threatening to inundate huge areas of Brahmaputra valley triggering another wave of flood in the plains of Assam.

Here are some shocking visuals of the Siang River.

The district administration of East Siang district have cautioned the riverine people to stay away from the river which was thundering down at great speed and wave. So far there is no loss of human life.

But the maximum damage is expected when it is going to reach the plains of Brahmaputra valley. The river is expected to reach the plains of Assam around Passighat with full force from late this evening, which means a large amount of Dhemaji and Lakhimpur district is expected to be submerged by tomorrow.

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