Singer Kishore Giri is no more


Noted singer Kishore Giri passed away on Sunday early morning at his residence in Guwahati. The veteran singer has died at his Kharghuli residence aged 63 after suffering cardiac arrest.

Whenever Assam experienced violence in the past, singer Kishore Giri unfailingly protested against mindless bloodshed with a guitar in his hand and songs on his lips.

If nobody joined him, Giri would all alone be singing his self-composed songs and strumming his guitar appealing for peace.

At a time when state is witnessing worst ethnic conflicts, Giri tried to spread the message of peace through his music.

Few days ago, carrying a placard Giri had initiated an individual campaign to provide financial help to ‘Village Rockstars’ – India’s Official Entry to the Oscars.

The well-wishers of Giri offered their condolences on the demise of the veteran singing personality.

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