Some shortest-serving CMs


After almost 80 hours as Maharashtra Chief Minister, BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis on Tuesday submitted his resignation to Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari. His resignation came after Ajit Pawar resigned as deputy CM of Maharashtra.

Later addressing the media, Fadnavis said, “We don’t have the majority after Ajit Pawar’s resignation as Deputy CM.”

However, amid the political turmoil, he remained CM of the State for three days. After his resignation, he joined the list of chief ministers, who had very short tenures.

Here’s a list of short-term CMs

  • 1. Jagdambika Pal- 1 day (1988, Uttar Pradesh)
  • 2. BS Yeddyurappa- 3 days (2018, Karnataka)
  • 3. Devendra Fadnavis (Maharashtra)
  • 4. Satish Prasad Singh- 1 week (1968, Bihar)
  • 5. PK Sawant – 9 days (1963, Maharashtra)
  • 6. SC Marak – 13 days (1998, Meghalaya)
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