Sonia Gandhi Reiterates Presidency To Congress G-23

Sonia Gandhi reiterated her role as the “full-time and hands-on Congress President” at a key Congress meet on Saturday. She also responded to the critics, especially within the party, the ‘G-23’ who has been pushing for an overhaul in the hierarchy and election for a “visible and effective leadership”.

Mrs. Gandhi, in the meeting of the Congress Working Committee (CWC), highlighted her leadership in issues of national prominence like the farmer’s protests, the handling of the pandemic and the issues of the marginalized communities. She has been interim president since Rahul Gandhi’s resignation two years ago.

She said, “I am, if you will allow me to say so, a full-time and hands on Congress President. You are aware that I have been taking them up with the Prime Minister, as have Dr Manmohan Singh ji and Rahul (Gandhi) ji… I have been interacting with like-minded political parties regularly. We have issued joint statements on national issues and coordinated our strategy in Parliament as well.”

Hitting out at the G-23, group of 23 senior leaders within the party, Mrs. Gandhi said that she appreciated frankness, adding that there was no need to speak to her through the media. She also called for honest discussions on problems facing the party and warned the G-23 against leaking information to the press.

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