Sonowal appeals: Do not come out of home for 14 days

Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal has appealed to all citizens of the Assam not to venture out of home for the next 14 days unless great emergency.

Late tonight he has issued a statement thanking people of Assam for observing the Janat curfew but urgently appealed to the citizens not to come out.

Meanwhile tomorrow there has been a trade bandh called by Assam Chamber of Commerce, but that has been opposed by the distributors saying that critical supply chain shall be hampered.

The state government has also stopped interstate bus service till March 31 and that would be extended further if necessary as the country has moved into the third stage when the Coronavirus move into society.

In Assam so far there has not been any corona virus-positive and everybody are extremely anxious as the state line most of India does not have a strong public health system. Assam has around 150 ventilators in the state taking together all medical facilities in the public and private sectors.

As the state is heading for a virtual lockdown with no interstate transport, the next fortnight is extremely critical to take control of the virus.

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