Special Water Train To Reach Chennai Today


Indian authorities on Thursday filled tanks with water and loaded them into a train in Tamil Nadu. The train is carrying 55000 litres of water in each of the 50 wagons and is meant for Chennai where reservoirs have run dry.

The 50 wagon train is carrying around 2.5 million litres of water from Jolarpet in Vellore district to Chennai.

The water filling started around 1 am in the night, the train left at around 7:10 am, as said by Railway officials.

It will reach Villivakkam station in Chennai around 2 pm.

Officials at the railway station said, “The train was supposed to reach Chennai on Thursday, but leakages in valves connecting the tank to the railway station forced authorites to push back plans by a day.”

It is expected that the unusual water train will provide a great relief to Chennai which is currently battling with a huge water crisis. The crisis has compelled some schools to shut, companies to ask employees to work from home and also hotels to ration water for guests

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