State election commission to Act against paid news


The State Election Commission on Wednesday cautioned the media on the issue of ‘paid news’ by asking it to show “greater responsibility” with suitable disclaimers, particularly during election time. The general election and Media Certification and Monitoring Committees (MCMCs) have been formed in this regard.

Chief Electoral Officer Mukesh Chandra Sahu said that all polling stations in Assam will have VVPAT system during the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. VVPAT device is a printer attached to the Electronic Voting Machines (EVM). The VVPAT devices dispense a slip with the name and symbol of the party candidate for which a person has voted, thus enabling verification of the voting process.

The VVPAT slips will be counted along with the votes punched into the EVM. 

Sahu said voters can apply online for correcting their names in the voters list or by downloading the Voter Helpline app, besides ‘Subidha’ app for checking candidates nomination papers, their affidavits and government dues.



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