Story Behind Diamond Studded Emirates Plane


Recently, a picture of a diamond-encrusted Emirates airplane went viral on social media. The picture of the jaw-dropping, dazzling airplane left everyone perplexed after it was tweeted by the airline’s official Twitter handle on Tuesday.

In the picture, one can see an airplane bedazzled with the thousands of diamonds. Everybody was confused as to whether the pictures were real or not. One Twitterati said, “ Are you playing with Physics & aerodynamics?” while another asked Emirates- “ Is it real?”.

However, the truth remains that the picture itself projected its reality. The caption of the picture itself clarified the plane is not really a diamond-studded one. “ Presenting the Emirates ‘Bling” 777. Image created by Sara Shakeel,” Emirates wrote while sharing the picture.

Emirates Spokesperson told media that “We just posted an art piece made by crystal artist Sara Shakeel. It’s not real.”

Khaleej Times stated that Sara Shakeel is a crystal design artist with a strong Instagram following of over 4.8 lakhs. Her artwork on Emirates flight caught the attention of the airline company. Surprisingly, Emirates liked it so much that it approached her for permission to use the picture. Furthermore, Shakeel’s flight was also upgraded from Pakistan to Milan.

After going viral on Tuesday, the picture has garnered over 12,000 likes and 4,000 retweets. Twitter users showered the picture with love and appreciation. ” So pretty”, says a user while another tweeted- ” Beautiful….awesome”.

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