More teacher urged in Madrassas


The All Assam Madrassa Students Association (AAMSA) on Sunday called a press meet to address the issues of Madrassa Schools in Assam.

AAMSA urged the government to appoint more qualified teachers in Madrassas across the state.

Stating the conditions of the schools in Assam, the association informed that the senior, pre-senior and title Madrassa have 1.5 lakh students in the state but are affected by the number of teachers in these institutes.

The association informed that some Madrassas only have one teacher to operate the whole institute. Due to lack of teachers, Madrassas in Assam are on the verge of shutting down, AAMSA said.

AAMSA also asked the government to appoint new Director of Education for the Madrassas. Also expressing their disappointment on the decision to scrub Fridays as a holiday, the association informed that these students and teachers are facing problems carrying out their religious activities due to the decision.

The association also took a dig at the government by saying that there is a major conspiracy to shut down the education system through Madrassas in the state.

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