Summer Solstice, longest day of the year


It is June 21 and not only it is International Yoga Day but it also marks the beginning of summer solstice. This day is characterised of being the longest day of the year. Some countries and calendars mark this event as the beginning of summer and this year, the summer begins today and ends on September 23.

Summer solstice, also known as the estival solstice or mid summer, is nothing but the event that occurs when one of the Earth’s poles tilts to its maximum possibility towards the Sun.

Solstice occurs twice a year in each hemisphere (Northern and Southern). The Summer Solstice is the day with the longest period of daylight. The Summer solstice occurs during June in the northern hemisphere between June 20 and June 22.

The summer solstice is significant time of year in many cultures which is marked by festivals and rituals. Traditionally, the summer solstice is seen as the middle of summer and referred to as “midsummer”.

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