‘Super Pink Moon’ rises tonight


The moon will be closest to Earth at a distance of 356,907 kilometres on Tuesday, April 7, at 11:38 pm (IST) or (18:08 GMT). Around 8 hours and 35 minutes later, it will turn into a big perigee-syzygy moon, which is the astronomical term for a supermoon.

This would be the biggest and the brightest moon of 2020. This happens due to an optical illusion.

What is a supermoon

The National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA) says a supermoon occurs when the “moon’s orbit is closest to Earth at the same time it is full”. The upcoming supermoon will be the “most super” of all the full supermoons in 2020.

Why it is called a pink supermoon

Every full moon has a different name, owing to different events corresponding with the month, such as December’s cold moon and January’s wolf moon. As per the Old Farmer’s almanac, April’s full moon often corresponds with the springtime bloom of a pink wildflower called Phlox subulata.

Super pink moon 2020: Date and time

The pink supermoon is expected to be seen from the moon rise on the evening of April 7, 2020. It will peak at around 10.35 pm Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), hence the moon would be viewed the best by the people in India at around 8.05 am on April 8.

Super pink moon 2020: How to watch

Although catching it live with the naked eye in India might pose difficulty due to the sunlight, people do not need to step out of their houses to look at the moon. The pink supermoon will be bright enough to be visible from the terrace or balcony of houses.

People can also opt to watch the pink supermoon on live telecast conducted by various international bodies or on social media.

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