Swagat Hospital Appeals Citizens to Donate/Sell Empty Oxygen Cylinders

Keeping in view of the shortage of oxygen in many parts of the country, the Swagat Hospital in Guwahati has ordered an oxygen generating plant like many other private health sectors.

Although the hospital has ordered an oxygen generating plant, the plant is taking time in becoming practically feasible due to lack of local manufacturers and auxiliary logistics.

The Swagat hospital, therefore appealed the citizens of Guwahati to either sell or donate or lend the empty oxygen cylinders which are lying empty and unused. The hospital in a statement said that the supply of empty cylinders to the hospitals can save someone’s life.

The statement of the hospital further stated, “Assam has till now not faced scarcity of oxygen, yet looking at the alarming trend of COVID patients, it seems imminent.”

The hospital also shared contact numbers so that if any individual or organization willing to donate or sell empty oxygen cylinders could be contacted. The numbers in which people could contact the hospital for the purpose are 9706582883 and 9401726890.

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