Swami leaves event seeing women in the front row


A high profile Swami and motivational guru caused a major story in Jaipur as he walked out of an event as he spotted women seated in the front row of the audience

According to the Zee Media reports. Swami Gyanvatsalya insisted that there should not be any women in the first three rows.

The event – Raj Medicon 2019 – was organised by The Indian Medical Association (IMA) and All Rajasthan In Service Doctors Association (ARISDA).

The Swami’s condition upset the lady doctors who prtested and many decided to boycott his speech.

Following a discussion between the doctors and organizers, it was then decided that the two front rows would be left vacant. But when the Swami arrived at the venue the Swami Gyanvatsalya found women sitting in the front row.

Backstage, meanwhile, Swami Gyanvatsalya asked organizers to announce that women should not sit in the first three rows. The announcement, thereafter, that females should vacate the first seven rows came all of a sudden. Soon after, another announcement followed that women shouldn’t occupy the first three rows escalating major confusion.

This is the “protocol” of Swami Gyanvatsalya, is what his ‘condition’ was explained away as to the women doctors. Although some of the doctors agreed to follow the “protocol,” Swami Gyanvatsalya then left the venue without delivering his speech, Dr Ritu Chaudhary added.

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