Swarm of bees interrupts SA vs SL match


There are a lot of reasons for a delay of game when it comes to sports, but this is definitely a new one. The Cricket World Cup was delayed on Friday when a swarm of bees invaded the field.

The frightening scene unfolded during South Africa vs. Sri Lanka match at Chester-le-Street in England. All players along with the umpires on the field were forced to vacate the field to avoid suffering any stings.

Bees took to the field in the middle of the match, meaning players had to wait out the swarm before returning to the intense game. Groundskeepers stepped in to clear the swarm from the field using fire extinguishers. Once all the bees were gone, the match was back on.

Fans weren’t affected by the swarm, but did get to look on at the extra bit of amusement while players and umpires took cover. It’s unclear if anyone was stung as a result of the bees’ presence.

After the chaos, Twitter was flooded with reactions to the incident. Some fans questioned the players’ method for taking cover, while others just had a laugh about the whole ordeal.

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