Syndicates on the Rise During Sonowal Government: APCC


The blame game of syndicate rise in Assam has not yet over and in a fresh new allegation, Assam Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) Spokesperson Apurba Kumar Bhattacharyya on Thursday has once again raised the issue of syndicate saying that the cattle syndicate, coal syndicate and sand syndicates are rising at an alarming rate.

Congress MP Pradyut Bordoloi last week said that Assam Chief Minister has a direct link with coal syndicate and it is only in his instruction that syndicates took place in the state.

Moreover, replying to Bordoloi’s statement, Assam Minister of Commerce and Industry Chandra Mohan Patowary said that the state government will hand over the syndicate inquiry to the CBI and that Sonowal has no link with syndicates in Assam. Patowary also challenged Bordoloi to prove Sonowal’s link with syndicate with valid documents.

Meanwhile, Congress Spokesperson Bhattacharyya while addressing a press conference on Thursday at Rajiv Bhawan in Guwahati said that the corruption and syndicates are rising at an alarming rate during the BJP-led government in the state than the previous years.

Bhattacharyya also asked the Chief Minister that he is not associated with coal syndicate directly or indirectly then he should prove it.

Further, raising the issue of Nowgong and Cachar paper mills, Bhattacharyya said that Sonowal, after coming into power assured that the two paper mills will be revived but now the Centre has decided to completely shut down the paper mills.

Bhattacharyya and Spokesperson Rhituporno Konwar who was also present in the press conference alleged that the BJP is a corrupted government and that corruption has increased during the BJP-led government both in the Centre and in the state.

Both Bhattacharyya and Konwar asked Sonowal to clarify the reason behind decision of completely closing down of the two paper mills.

They also raised the issue of coal excavation from the protected areas and asked how it can be possible to excavate coal from such areas. They further alleged that the coal excavation is taking place in many places of wildlife sanctuaries in the state.

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