Tablighi bomb exploded in Assam, surge expected


#16 positive by morning

#Dozens more positive expected by evening

#Surge expected by Sunday evening

#Assam is in deep crisis

The Tablighi Nizamuddin Corona bomb exploded in Assam taking the Corona positive toll to 16 and threatening to reach a three-figure mark as the careless attitude of Tablighi Muslim fundamentalists have literally pushed a Corona clean state to Stage II in just over 72 hours.

According to the reports coming from all over more than 400 people having different exposure to Tablighi Nizamuddin returned to Assam like any normal person carrying the virus and spreading the virus over the past fortnight turning Assam into a virtual minefield.

Till only 72 hours back Assam had zero cases and it was an oasis. But the avalanche of cases came as the Tablighi emerged from the shadows due to social and family pressure to identify that they had returned from Nizamuddin.

Fortunately, most of the cases had been showing mild symptoms which means they do not need very serious medication and inherent body immunity would take care of the disease.

But the authorities have moved them to the different COVID-19 hospitals of the State and tsunami of patients are expected in the next 2-3 days stressing the limitations of the public health system.

Last night Health Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma visited all the three main COVID hospitals of Guwahati, Sonapur, GMCH, and MMCH and took stock of the situation along with Minister of State for health Piyush Hazarika and senior Health officials.

Reports of COVID-19 patients with symptoms are coming from every corner of the state as Tablighi fundamentalists travelled from every part of the state as Assam was a volunteer state sending the highest number of participants to the infamous congregations which has literally spread the disease to every Muslim area of South Asia.

The graphic was done before Assam had the positive cases

Meanwhile, frantic contact tracing is being done with mixed results. Some are voluntarily coming out while some fundamentalists are keeping it secret and in the process spreading it to more people.  The authorities are fearing that by another 72 hours, this disease could spread to 100-150 people in the state only.

Till early morning 194 Nizamudding returnee are missing and efforts are on to trace them out.

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