Tailor Turned Killer Confessed To 33 Murders


A man named Aadesh Khambra was arrested from Madhya Pradesh after he confessed to killing 33 people. The police said he was a contract killer, who made Rs. 50,000 per murder. The arrest was made from Mandideep following a tip-off from another arrested robber.

Khambra took up a life in crime, looting a truck in 2017 with his 9-member gang after struggling with the finances. Over the last 13 years, the man targeted trucks on highways across Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh Odisha, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh.

The police said that Kambra befriended with the truck drivers and offered them drugged food. After killing he would dump the bodies in isolated spots and sell their trucks.

Police said their code for murder was “kachra saaf karo (clean up the garbage)”. The direction went to gang members on phone whenever a ‘job’ came up. The target would first be drugged, the code for which was “kuch mitha ho jaaye (how about some dessert)”.

Khambra initially confessed to 14 highway murders in three states but investigation revealed there was much more. The police said they have so far received queries about 86 such highway robberies and murders from these states.

Dharmendra Chaudhary, a senior police officer of Bhopal said, “The gang members befriended the targets and then called Khambra, who would turn up at the spot with sweets, liquor and other eatables laced with drugs”.

The dreaded killer was arrested after the police solved a double murder on August 13  that took place in Bilkhiria, barely 20 km from the state capital Bhopal.



(Featured image:India Today)


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