Tarun returns home, extends a big ‘Thank You’ to Pratidin Group


Tarun Saikia, Assam’s first mountaineer to climb Mt Everest, who was undergoing treatment for double kidney failure in Apollo Hospital, Chennai, is back in the state.

After reaching home, Saikia extended a big ‘Thank You’ to Pratidin Group.

In an effort to raise financial aid to Tarun Saikia, the Pratidin Time’s program Abhimat, anchored by Editor in Chief Nitumoni Saikia, appealed to the viewers to contribute a bit for the treatment of Assam glory Tarun Saikia.

During the show, Abhimat had raised a good amount of donation and contribution continued to flow in and till last month. The huge and overwhelming response and deluge of donation only proved that there was no dearth of well meaning souls.

Nitumoni Saikia constantly reminded everyone how serious the issue was and how any contribution would go a long way towards the campaign.

Tarun Saikia was detected with kidney failure on January 26 at a private nursing home in Guwahati and flown to Chennai for better treatment on February 8. As the kidney transplant procedure entails a huge expenditure, his family was banking on support from the Government of Assam, well-wishers and the corporate. Assam government contributed sum of Rs 5 lakh for Saikia’s medical treatment.

Between 1993 and 2012, Saikia climbed 11 peaks while attempting 16. Bhartkunda, Babisivling, Kedardom, Jogin, Nandadevi, Thalu, Kamet, Sudarshan, Bhagirathi, Mulkillah, Satotanth, Nepal Peak (Pre Everest), Papsura were some of the peaks where he made expeditions since 1993.

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