Tension emerges over land encroachment in Merapani


Amid the coronavirus outbreak, tensions have emerged in Merapani at the Assam-Nagaland border.

The Nagas who were evicted from the land of Dighalpani have now settled in a nearby slum called Ili Yan. The Nagas were instructed by the Assam forest department in 1971 to settle here however they do not want to evacuate now.

The Nagas have encroached agricultural lands in the Dighalpani area. Earlier, they had been evicted twice from the region. The farmers and local villagers are concerned that the Nagas will dig a big canal and invade the Assam lands.

The villagers demanded that the government of Assam, Merapani Police and the CRPF take appropriate action against the aggressors who were not allowed to enter Assam. Otherwise, the border situation is likely to heat up.

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