T’gana election : Vote and win phone in lucky draw

The Siddipet administration, in a bid to ensure maximum polling in the upcoming Telangana elections, has decided to attract voters in the district by promising lucky draw gifts to people who cast their vote on the polling day on December 7.

In 2014 too, in a similar initiative, the then district collector Smitha Sabharwal had organised a lucky draw for voters to ensure 100 per cent voting in polling stations across the district.

Reports quote Siddipet district administration officials as saying that the lucky draw will be held separately for men and women. The token would be given to every voter who will come to cast his/her vote. There would be a male and female winner who will be given a bike and a scooter, respectively.

Mobile phones would be also be given away as gifts to five other lucky winners from each constituency, officials state. The lucky draws would be conducted mainly at polling booths which would see heavy voter turnout.

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