Thai diver dies during rescue operation in flooded tunnels


A Thai diver died during a rescue operation to save 12 boys and their football coach, who have been trapped in a flooded cave complex for nine days in northern Thailand.

The deceased rescuer has been identified as 38 year old Petty Officer 1st Class Samarn Kunan, who was delivering oxygen tanks and reportedly fell unconscious on the way back.

Kunan died inside the Tham Luang Nag Non on the 13th day of the operation as attempts by his dive partner to revive him failed. He was taken to the hospital where he had been pronounced dead.

The footballers, aged between 11 to 16 years, were found by British divers and had been trapped for nine days.

However, in a recent development, the officials acknowledged on Friday morning that the boys have been facing a scarcity of oxygen.

Medical teams continue to monitor the health of the trapped footballers.

The rescue operation team includes the Thai Navy SEALs and experts from various countries like China, the US, the UK and Australia.




(Featured Image Courtesy: Irish Examiner)

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