Thailand Protests: FB Blocks Group Criticising Monarchy


Facebook was reportedly forced to block access to a million-member group criticizing the monarchy of Thailand.

The popular group named ‘Royalist Marketplace’ has more than million followers, and the discussions primarily revolve around criticizing the Thai monarchy.

It must be mentioned here that Thailand is witnessing a series of anti-monarchy protests of late. The otherwise peaceful country is seeing agitators seeking reforms to the monarchy.

As being critical of the monarchy is illegal in Thailand, the social media giant was reportedly forced to block the access to the said from within Thailand. However, the group can still be accessed from outside the country.

A BBC report quoted the group admin Pavin Chachavalpongpun as saying, “The group provides a platform for serious discussion on the monarchy and it allows Thais to express their views freely about the monarchy, from the political intervention of the monarchy, to its intimate ties with the military in consolidating the king’s power.”

Terming the pressuring tactics as a violation of human rights, the report quoted John Sifton, Asia Advocacy Director at Human Rights Watch as saying, “Thailand’s government is again abusing its overbroad and rights-abusing laws to force Facebook to restrict content that is protected by the human right to free speech.”

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