The mathematics of CAB & HBS

CAB to make 17 constituencies Assamese from "Jinnah"


At least in 17 constituencies of Assam, Hindu Bangladeshis who will be Indian citizen following the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) will be settled so that they ensure that Assamese candidate would win from these seats.

If they are not allowed to settle and be Indian to vote then Muslims will win and elect a Jinnah.

Some of the 17 constituencies are Sarbhog, Jagiroad and South Salmara.

Now if you are not understanding the above sentences then please listen to the following statements made by Dr Himanta Biswa Sharma.


According to him, in these 17 constituencies the number of Muslim votes are substantially high and if these Hindu Bangladeshis are not allowed to setle and vote in these constituencies then “an Assamese’ can not win there.

So according to him Assam should be happy that CAB was passed and Hindu Bangladeshi will ensure continuous Assamese win.

Still you are scratching your head and not understanding Dr Sharma, we can not help you because we too have not understood the mathematics.

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