The pain of a temple elephant

Railways Not Likely To Move The Elephants For Now !


Wildlife activists are outraged after Assam government decided to send four elephants by train for a festival in Ahmedabad.

But finally, Govt. decided not to transport any elephant by train as per a verdict of the Supreme Court which prohibited movement of elephant.

The pain of being a temple elephant

A video exposes the brutal treatment of India’s temple elephants

Tourists have long come to admire these iconic creatures in their sacred surrounds, particularly during festival season, when they are ornamented in decorative headdresses and paraded through the streets.

The elephants are used for hard labour with little rest and rented out during the temple festival season and for other public functions.

Life in captivity is similar to hell for most elephants.

Their legs, particularly the hind legs, are in chains for most of the day.

Taking part in a discussion in Lok Sabha during question hour last year, Congress MP from Thiruvananthapuram, Shashi Tharoor claimed that there has been an alarming number of death of captive elephants in Kerala in last few years.

The cruelty against elephant was taking place with the tacit support of the authorities concerned. Tharoor said that most of the problems suffered by captive elephants were related to overwork and torture by unscrupulous mahouts.

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