The Present Agriculture Minister Is The Worst In Assam Political History: AGM

The Anchalik Gana Morcha (AGM) Regional Party on Sunday said that the present Agriculture Minister of Assam, Atul Bora is the worst minister in Assam Political History.

AGM President MP Ajit Bhuyan made this statement while addressing the media in a press conference on Sunday.

Adressing the problems of farmers in Assam, President Ajit Bhuyan alleged that crores and crores of money has been looted in the name of fake farmers in the state.

Bhuyan said, “It’s been a month now, but no action has been taken on this issue. ” The Chief Minister lacks courage to speak on the issue, added Bhuyan.

The AGM President further alleged that the huge sum of money has actually been looted by BJP leaders and Ministers in the state. He criticized the government on its failure to investigate such a big and concerning issue even till the present date.

Ajit Bhuyan further slammed the Himanta Biswa Sarma led government by saying how it has failed after talking about zero tolerance against illegal activities in the state.

“If Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has the courage in himself, he must make a public statement,” said Ajit Bhuyan.

Addressing the media, Bhuyan further stated that Atul Bora is the worst Agriculture Minister in Assam’s Political History. He demanded a high level inquiry into the entire scam.

AGM also demanded that the minister must be replaced and the matter should be further investigated.

“Such a huge scam cannot happen unless and until there is blessing from ministers,” said Ajit Bhuyan.

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