There will be a new dawn & a brighter tomorrow soon: PM


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday morning said that there will be a new dawn and a brighter tomorrow very soon. He was addressing the Nation from ISRO Control Centre in Bengaluru, after Chandrayaan-2’s lander Vikram lost contact with ground stations.

PM Modi asked the scientists not to lose heart and said that is not a small achievement and the country is proud of them. “I understand what you went through last night, I could read the disappointment on your faces,” said the PM.

He said that in science, there is no such thing as failure; there are only experiments and efforts.

PM said India will rise to the occasion and reach even newer heights of success. “We are proud of our space program. Today our resolve to touch the moon has grown even stronger,” the PM said, adding, “Resilience & tenacity are central to India’s ethos. In our glorious history, we have faced moments that may have slowed us but they have never crushed our spirit. We have bounced back again & gone on to do spectacular things. This is why our civilisation stands tall.”

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