Timber Seized In Bongaigaon


In a routine police checking on Tuesday, Bongaigaon police
seized a large quantity of smuggled timber in Abhayapuri’s Tulungiya area of the district.

The seized timber (saal wood) was on its way to Jogighopa’s Kabaitari from Bongaigaon’s Chapaguri.

It has been alleged that the timber smuggling is being carried out under the patronage of Bongaigaon forest officials.

The smuggled wood was carried in a truck (bearing the registration number AS-26-C-2425), which did not have any proper documents or any official permission to carry the load.

It may be mentioned here that even after hours of being informed about the seizure of the smuggled timber and the truck, forest officials did not turn up at the police station to take stock of it. This has raised many eyebrows and locals have alleged that there exists an unholy nexus between smugglers and the forest officials.

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