Tinsukia: No Fire Occur at Baghjan Oil Well, Clarifies Dist Admin


The Tinsukia district administration clarified that the fire at Baghjan Oil Well which has been reported to have spread to some neighbouring farmlands and has created panic and havoc in the region is completely false.

The District Administration hereby clarified that the fire has occurred in farmland near the Maguri Matapung Beel, approximately 1.5 to 2 kms away from the said Baghjan Oil Well, under Baghjan Police Station and was lit to clear the farmland from bushes as reported.

Officials of the District Administration and police are present at the site and monitoring the situation. The District Administration, Tinsukia appeals to all not create panic.

On Sunday morning, it was reported that another fire broke out at Baghjan 200 meters ahead of the oil well blowout site. The fire broke out from the condensate oil kept in the field.

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