Tinsukia youth arrested as Pakistani Spy


A Tinsukia youth has been arrested by army as Pakistani Spy working as a porter keeping movement of Indian army.  This sensational case came into light yesterday as the youth have been identified as Nirmal Rai, a resident of Ambikapur village in Tinuskia district.

He is of Nepali origin and working as a porter in Anjaw district of Arunachal Pradesh, which is in the sensitive Walong Sector of Indian army adjacent to China.

Rai was in Dubai working for a burger shop when he came in touch with his Pakistani handlers there. He was trained to take photographs in Dubai and make videos in discreet fashion. He was then sent back to Assam and then eventually in Arunachal Pradesh where he worked as an army porter.

Since 2017 he was suspected to have been relaying information via social media messaging services. The sensitive information includes deployment and logistic position in the Walong sector which is very sensitive for Indian army as it is the eastern most part of Indo-China border.

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