TN Govt Sets Up Medical Teams to Screen Nipah Virus


The Government of Tamil Nadu has set up medical teams at the check posts in seven districts bordering Kerala to screen for Nipah virus infected persons according to an official of the Public Health Department.

Additional Director of the Department P. Vadivelan said that no cases of Nipah virus has been reported in Tamil Nadu this year or even last year but the government has set up the medical teams as a precautionary measures against its spread in the districts of Tamil Nadu bordering Kerala.

He further informed that the medical team will look out for persons with high fever and in confused state of mind, the symptoms of Nipah virus fever. He also informed that there will be an isolated ward in a government hospital in the seven districts to admit and treat the patients tested positive for the virus.

Additional Director Vadivelan said that the doctors in the border districts have been given detailed guidelines on the symptoms of the disease and how to handle the patients adding that they are also sensitizing people about preventive measures like not consuming bird bitten fruits, wash the fruits well before consumption.

Vadivelan further informed that the Nipah virus infection happens if one consumes fruits bitten by bats and coming in contact with their urine, faces and saliva.

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