Top 10 CAB points


  1. The CAB protest in Assam is growing and more spontaneous and widespread. Major protest in Upper Assam. Relatively less protest in lower Assam. No groups or organisation can claim the agitation it as its own.
  2. In North East, CAB will only be applicable in Brahmaputra & Barak Valley All other states are either CAB excluded as it is under either ILP or 6th Schedule areas
  3. Majority of the political parties of India are supporting CAB. Cong-TMC –Left are opposing CAB. CAB is being passed in LS today. Amit Shah aggressively pushing the bill.
  4. Amit Shah says that CAB does not have religious colour as it applies to non-citizens refugees only. Shah said -there is no reason to get excited, there is no need to protest, enough has happened already, now this country justs wants to go ahead peacefully.
  5. CAB will actually give additional citizenship to 5,65,000 people in Assam so Assam should not be excited and angry. They are already in Assam and living for ages just being regularised. NRC has legitimized 50 lakh Bangladeshis. So there should not be any protest for just 5 lakhs: Himanta Biswa Sarma
  6. There is no chance of unifying CAB protest in Assam. AASU ruled out any truck with the KMSS. AASU, KMSS, AJYCP and host of other organisations are carrying out their own agitation.
  7. AGP is facing the maximum brunt. Atul Bora had a day-long meeting with party MLAs. As a final measure to save its skin ask  Biren Baishya to oppose CAB as token opposition. Postponed the General Council meeting. Prafulla Kr Mahanta is fast emerging as a rallying point for the grass root supporters.
  8. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe summit at Guwahati is under the cloud. Although Guwahati has been decked up Bhubaneswar is also equally getting ready to host the summit. Intelligence agencies are averse to the summit in view of the large scale protest.
  9. NESO has called for an 11 hour Assam Bandh on November 11 and it is supported by dozens of other organisations. There will be large scale impact tomorrow.
  10. Assam Government has come to back foot. Ruling leaders are increasingly coming under target and movement has been restricted. To lift the morale of the party workers the BJP organized a party meeting today and egged them to take on the protestors.
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