Total Lockdown To be Imposed in Guwahati from Sunday


Assam Health and Family Welfare Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Friday announced that the government will impose lockdown in Guwahati for 14 days either from Sunday midnight or from early morning of Monday.

The state government has decided to impose the lockdown due to the rising cases of COVID-19 in the city.

The minister also announced that it will be a complete lockdown adding that even the grocery shops, trade activities etc. shall remain closed during the lockdown.

All industrial establishments, public transport, vegetables shall remain closed.

Not more than 20 people will be allowed in last rituals.

Wine shops will be closed.

Banks with limited employees will be open and government offices of Directorate level and Secretariat will be open with limited employees.

Curfew will be imposed from 7 PM on Friday (June 26) to 7 AM on Saturday (June 27) in the state.

ATM Service will be operational.

No e-commerce service will be available.

Inter-district public transport will be allowed, but not to Guwahati, and inter-state transport service will not be allowed.

Weekend lockdown will be imposed from July 3 on Saturday and Sunday in the entire state in municipal areas and towns.

Only Pharmacies will remain open in Guwahati during lockdown.

No pass will be issued to any individual to move from one place to other.

For the first seven days, all services will remain closed except pharmacies and hospitals.

The important construction of the government will continue.

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