Training Imparted to Domestic Workers

Do you have domestic workers in your house? How trained are they? Yes, domestic workers also need to be trained in order to make your house organized.

There are 20lakhs domestic workers in the country and in Assam the number of domestic workers which includes both male and female is 3.5 lakhs.

Although there are lakhs of domestic workers, most of the time allegations pour in from the owners that they are not satisfied with their works or rather their behavior is not good. And to bring these problems to an end, Assam Skill Development Mission in association with National Skill Development Corporation has organized ‘Domestic Workers Skill Conclave-Chapter Northeast’ to train the domestic workers how to deal with the day-to-day household works.

Speaking about the programme undertaken by National Skill Development Corporation, Minister of Skill, Employment & Entrepreneurship, Chandra Mohan Patowary said that NSDC have taken a programme to train the domestic workers and will also provide a certificate which will help them to gain respect in workplace and will also get the desired amount.

Patowary also said that the Cabinet of Assam Government has also approved a bill of domestic workers and this bill will be passed in the next Assembly session. “This bill will help the workers who work in and outside the state with safety and security. A large number of people go out for work outside and according to the bill, the placement agency will have to provide all kinds of details like their salary, safety and security, where are they working etc.”

CEO of NSDC, Amod K Kant said that the training has been imparted to the people for child care, elderly care, housekeeping, cooking etc. “The domestic workers do not get respect and also they don’t get the desired amount. But through this training they will get all the benefits,” said Kant.

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