Tripura Congress Chief Resigns


In a setback for the Congress in Northeast, the party chief of Tripura Pradyot Deb Barman has officially resigned from all party posts on Tuesday over differences with the high command.

Pradyot Deb Barman took to Twitter and wrote, “I start this day without having to listen to criminals and liars. Not having to worry about which colleague will backstab you, not having to indulge in groupism and back chat. Today, I can contribute for my state with a clear mind.”

Pradyot said that he was relieved as he would no longer have to listen to high command on how to accommodate corrupt people in high positions.

In another post, Deb Barman posted a message with hashtag resigned as he apologized if he “couldn’t do enough.” He also wrote, “I tried and perhaps lost but could I win when I was alone in this fight from the beginning?”

He said that he has decided that a positive mindset to life is what he need and he has changed the people around him who are negative.

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