Tripura Royal Scion Opposes CAB, Writes to Amit Shah


The scion of Tripura’s royal family Pradyot Deb Barman has written to union home minister Amit Shah opposing the contentious Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB).

Deb in his letter has written that he is completely against CAB in its current form (as contained in the 2016 amendment).

Deb Barman in his letter said, “I request you to share with us a draft of the amended CAB before it is tabled in the Parliament so that we may share our views on time” adding that he has no political agenda or goal behind writing the letter.

He wrote, “Let me make it clear that I have no political agenda or goal and my only interest is to continue serving the interests of the people of my state like my ancestors have done without political bias.”

The royal scion also wrote, “As you may be aware Tripura has had to bear the brunt of illegal migration due to persecution-economic and religious- from East Pakistan (before 71) and thereafter from present-day Bangladesh, for the last 70 years.”

“My grandfather first allowed Hindu Bengalis to temporarily reside in Tripura after the famine of Bengal and subsequently after the Noakhali riots in East Bengal,” he wrote.

“My grandmother allowed the Swasthi committee which comprised of persecuted Hindus from East Pakistan to stay in Kanchanpur,” Deb Barman wrote.

He also reiterated that the further influx of migrants and populations from East Pakistan and Bangladesh continued unabated and the original indigenous population was reduced to a minority.

The letter further added, “Tripura for all practical purposes has already been an example of giving relief to persecuted Hindus migrating from East Pakistan and Bangladesh-an object similar to the one contained in the proposed CAB.”

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