Try holding a press conference, it’s fun: Rahul to Modi


Taking a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday asked him to hold a press conference. Rahul Gandhi, who on the day campaigned in Telangana for the forthcoming Assembly polls on December 7, shared pictures of his press conference in Hyderabad on Twitter and said it was fun to have questions thrown at you.

“Dear Mr Modi, Now that campaigning is over, hope you can spare some time for your part-time job as PM,” tweeted Rahul about Modi who has been going around campaigning for the ongoing Assembly polls in five states.

Gandhi also reminded Modi that it has been “1,654 days since you became PM. Still no press conference.”

“Some pics from our Hyderabad press conference today. Try one someday, it’s fun having questions thrown at you,” added Rahul.

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