Twist in Sanaullah case


Twist in Sanaullah case, the then enquiry officer of the tribunal had landed into a new controversy, the case against retired Army soldier Mohammad Sanaullah is “fabricated”, claimed the witnesses.

They claimed that they didn’t record their statements in the case. On the other hand, the enquiry officer of the case claimed that he never met Sanaullah and the person he enquired was not him but somebody else.

Family members of Sanaullah along with the witnesses in the case have blamed the Assam Police Border Organisation for allegedly conspiring against genuine Indian citizens in the name of detecting D-Voters.

The three witnesses filed a case against the then enquiry officer Chandramal Das at Boko Police station.

“In the Foreigners Tribunal, we have already contended that the case against him is fabricated and holds no truth as at the time the police claimed to have taken his statement he was deployed in counter-insurgency operation far away in Manipur,’ said Sanaullah advocate Aman Wadue.

“He is falsely implicated in the case and he is not a foreigner. The enquiry is only being made on the basis of names and other details in the voter list which is not fully reliable as it has many errors. The thumb impression on the statement taken by the police is of a different person with the same name. We have approached High Court,’ said Mohammad Azmal Haque, Retd. Army officer and family member.

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