Twists In Attempted Child Sacrifice Incident


Mystery shrouds the horrific incident of the attempted child sacrifice at Kulsipar village near Kalaigaon town in Udalguri district on Saturday as two separate stories have surfaced connecting the incident.

According to injured Jadav Saharia, the child sacrifice was apparently attempted at his residence to appease the Goddess Chamunda so that they can find the exact location of a “hidden treasure” of over 100-year-old.

The “treasure” is apparently hidden underneath the Shiv Temple in which the child sacrifice was attempted.

Saharia, who is currently undergoing treatment at GMCH following bullet injuries, further revealed that 211 tantrics had told them about the hidden treasure and asked them to perform pooja to get its exact location.

Meanwhile, Saharia’s wife had said a different story altogether.

She said that one tantric identified as Ramesh Saharia had promised them to identify the culprits responsible for the suicide of their only daughter in 2015.

“Our only daughter had committed suicide in 2015 and till date no one has been arrested or held responsible for her death. Ramesh Saharia made my son Pulakesh believe that if we disrobe ourselves and perform the pooja, then the ones responsible for our daughter’s death will be identified,” she said while interacting with the reporters.

She further said that on the day of the incident the Saharia family was made to drink some tea/water by Ramesh Saharia, which sedated the family and they lost control over their actions.

She further said that they were not in control of their actions thereafter and they can’t exactly remember what had happened to them or what they did.

“Ramesh Saharia had gained complete control of our senses and forced us to do things that we never really wanted to do. He should be arrested at the earliest,” she further said.

Meanwhile, Jadav Saharia’s son Pulakesh Saharia, who was also injured during the police firing on Saturday, succumbed to his injuries on Sunday and he was later cremated at the Bhootnath Crematorium after Saharia’s relatives refused to claim the body and take it back home.

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