Twitter drops the ban hammer, 70 million accounts suspended


Criticised by innumerable personalities for not doing enough to purge the micro-blogging site of bots, spam accounts, trolls and malicious foreign actors, Twitter took a stern step and suspended as many as 70 million accounts between May and June this year.

Twitter liberally dropped its ban hammer and reportedly banned a 13 million accounts during a week of bot banning activity in May.

This step by the micro-blogging site comes in the wake of criticisms for allowing propaganda and bots to flood the feed of users, particularly during the 2016 Presidential election.

In the crackdown process, suspicious accounts which fail to prove their identity by verifying their phone numbers are shut down meanwhile those which pass the verification test are reinstated.

The platform has also initiated new rules for political advertisers and is trying to rid the site of bots and spammers the soonest possible.

(Inputs from ANI)

Featured image: CNET

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