Two bikers rob Rs. 1 lakh from woman in Guwahati


In a sensational incident, a woman was robbed of her cash worth Rs. 1 lakh in Uzanbazar area in the city on Friday afternoon.

According to reports, the robbery took place near Barowari, when the woman was coming out of the SBI Senikuthi branch. Suddenly two men came on a motorcycle and robbed the woman. The men were wearing helmets, informed the eyewitnesses.

“They snatched the bag I was carrying in no-time,” said the woman. “Besides cash, I had all my documents in the bag,” added the woman.

Meanwhile, Latasil Police initiated an investigation to the incident. However, residents complained that the spot is known for snatchings. “Everyday, we hear about similar cases. It is not safe to walk on the roads alone while carrying cash or other valuable items,” said a local.

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