Two former Assam CM’s allegedly faked PAN details


National portal Cobrapost has revealed  that  former Chief Ministers of Assam Tarun Gogoi and Bhumidhar Barman faked their PAN details at the time of income revelation  to the Election Commission along with 194 other politicians. Cobrapost found that either of the two different PANs in between the two election years of 2006 and 2016 submitted by the concerned politicians in their affidavits were non-existent.

In their article, Cobrapost noted, “We would like to put it on record that nowhere in this story do we claim all 194 politicians who have been found to have misrepresented their PAN details in their affidavits to the ECI have done so deliberately. Maybe out of human error there have been some erroneous entries, but it is hard to believe that all of them would have done so”.

Tarun Gogoi was the Chief Minister of Assam  from 2001 to 2016.Congress leader Bhumidhar Barman on the other hand held the Chief Minister’s post for a from April 22, 1996 to May 14, 1996.

According to the portals revealation, former Chief Minister of Assam and six-time Lok Sabha MP Tarun Gogoi has quoted two different PANs. According to the affidavit filed with the ECI for 2006 assembly elections, Gogoi had a PAN with number ACOPG06834, which did not exist, but in the next elections held in 2011 the Congress leader quoted a different PAN ACOPG0683M.

Like the same way Barman’s PAN no ACBPD0559N was found non existant which he used to declare his asstes in 2006 Assembly Elections according to Cobrapost.



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