Two Killed In Accident In Bishwanath

In a head-on collision between a bus and a motorcycle in Bishwanath, two persons died on the spot as the bus and the motorbike went up in flames.

The accident took place on Saturday night at around 9 pm at Sadhapur near Bishwanath town.

As per information, the bus was on its way from Arunachal Pradesh to Shillong when a bike coming from the opposite direction rammed straight into it.

Following the collision, the pillion rider was thrown off the motorbike and he fell to the ground dead.

The rider of the bike went underneath the bus and was dragged to around 200 metres by the bus, which sparked a fire.

The bike, rider, and the bus then went up in flames.

However, the 35 passengers of the bus along with the driver and its other staff escaped unhurt.

The National Highway 15 came to a standstill for almost one and a half hours due to the fire.

Bishwanath police later towed the remains of the bus (bearing registration number ARX 0529) to the police station.

Till the filing of this report, the identity of the two deceased was not ascertained.

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