Two pronged strategy by BJP in RS

Citizenship Amendment Bill


The Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) has zeroed in on a two pronged strategy on the CAB in the Rajya Sabha. In a coordinated move the BJP wants to make more noises on the CAB to garner Bengali votes and hence they are taking calculated moves towards the Rajya Sabha where the CAB is stuck for the time being.

The BJP top sources informed that they have formulated two strategies.

Strategy 1:

Use the RS logjam to drum up more support for the CAB using tested media managers like Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma. As per the strategy, the logjam would be allowed by the BJP tacitly so that CAB remain stuck in RS, which would put actually all of the stake holders in a win-win situation In that eventuality, the BJP would be seen as some one pushing for the CAB but could not achieve it due to sustained opposition. That will also give some fresh room in the Brahamputra valley before the Lok Sabha election.

Strategy 2:

Bring a minor amendment in the original CAB bill (already talk of incentive for those settling in other parts of India are doing the round) and get it passed through the RS which in turn then shall require to go back to Lok Sabha again. The Lok Sabha then remove the amendment and pass it again. After second passing of the LS, it will not need RS endorsement and it will be law.

The BJP is happy that main purpose has already been fulfilled as both in Assam and Bengal society have been divided by the CAB in religious line and exact status of the CAB is more of an academic formality for the BJP beef the Lok Sabha poll.

Meanwhile JD(U) have reiterated their opposition towards the CAB and announced that despite being in the NDA they would oppose the bill in the Rajya Sabha. Rather they criticized Congress for tacitly supporting the CAB in the Lok Sabha by staging a boycott.

However the JD-U move is seen as a part of the Bihar politics as the JD(U)-BJP combine are gearing up the grand alliance of Opposition in Bihar.


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