ULFA Accord likely to quell CAB protests


The government may likely to announce a possible accord with the ULFA, while laying the controversial Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) in the Parliament. The accord with the ULFA is likely to be announced as all-round protest against the bill has been erupted in the entire Brahmaputra valley.

Although no official confirmation has been made in this regard, sources close to the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has informed that this particular accord will be brought forward to quell the ongoing protest all over Assam.

It may be mentioned here that the peace process is almost near to the end and the peace interlocutor Mr AB Mathur had already indicated that a peace accord is most likely by January 2020, when he was inaugurating Mr Mrinal Talukdar’s book Post Colonial Assam at New Delhi.

List of most likely provisions in the ULFA Accord:

  • The ULFA will insist for a protection to the indigenous people, something similar to Clause VI of Assam Accord.
  • The Clause VI committee of Assam Accord will fix the quantum of reservation, and the ULFA accord will fix the number of tribes which will be brought under the indigenous category.
  • Also, it may announce the flood of Assam as a national problem.
  • Something will be done for the tribal status of six communities of Assam.
  • And other smaller issues are also likely to be included in the accord.

So everything is MHA and the big bosses are discussing in this matter and that may be a statement which will come while tabling the CAB to take off the heat of the ongoing movement.

The ULFA sources have also indicated that they have also learned about similar development and they hope some agreement will take place because of the CAB protests. But everybody is in the kind of hope as the CAB protest has engulfed the all Brahmaputra valley.

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