ULFA(I) Claims Responsibility for Panbazar Blast


The outlawed ULFA(I) has taken the responsibility for the Panbazar blast on Saturday.

ULFA(I) chief Paresh Barua took responsibility of the blast and said it was against the centre’s decision of settling the Hindu Bangladeshi’s in the state.

Recently, in the state executive meet of Assam Pradesh BJP,  the saffron party showed their immense support for pushing the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, while promising to deport the infiltrators from Bangladesh has triggered a wave of resentment and anxiety about radicalisation of sub-nationalist elements in Assamese society.

He also expressed his grief over the indigenous people being injured in the blast.

Earlier today a low intensity blast occurred at Panbazar near Mahendra Mohan Choudhury (MMC) Hospital injuring four people and damaging a bus.

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