ULFA killing cadres want to return home



ULFA is killing all of their cadre who wants to desert and come home as they have no policy of allowing the forces to go back.

After facing growing criticism that many of their young cadres who went to ULFA after being misguided, wanted to return home but were stopped and killed with the particular instruction from Paresh Barua, the ULFA Commander in chief today sent the statement to the media house partially admitting this.

In a carefully crafted press release, he admitted that there was no policy of the ULFA to desert the organisation. In the process, he also admitted that there were several attempts by the security agents to infiltrate the organisation.

“ They come in on their own and take an oath of allegiance. When they wanted to escape with arms, they have been killed, and there is no policy of us to inform their families.”

However, there are mounting pieces of evidence that youngsters who with the romantic illusion of revolution had joined the organisation in a spur of the moment and wanted to get out of it only to be killed by the ULFA Commander in Chief who have a few loyal soldiers left and living in the Burma–China border.

The security forces official informed that Paresh Barua had been systematically killing these young, innocent youths who had joined them with revolutionary eye and ten brandings conveniently as a police agent. “This is an old trick of Paresh Barua to portray anyone deserting him as Indian agent. The fact that 99% cadre want to come home but can not due to fear of being killed” he said.

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